Affiliate Disclosure and Disclaimer for Casinobonus.ws

This document is the official affiliate disclosure for Casinobonus.ws.

  1. Affiliate Associations: Casinobonus.ws integrates affiliate links that lead users to external gambling platforms. When users interact with these links, be it through signing up, making transactions, or other engagements on the associated website, Casinobonus.ws might earn a commission or referral incentive, without any additional cost imposed on the user.
  2. Exclusion of Liability: Casinobonus.ws, inclusive of its proprietors, administrators, and content contributors, shall not be held accountable for any actions, repercussions, liabilities, claims, or any associated costs that users might face as a consequence of using the gambling websites linked from our domain. All interactions with these third-party platforms are at the sole discretion and risk of the user.
  3. Neutrality Statement: The integration of affiliate links on Casinobonus.ws should not be interpreted as an endorsement or validation of the linked platforms or their offerings. These links are incorporated strictly for reference and promotional intents.
  4. Absence of Guarantees: Casinobonus.ws does not provide any assurances regarding the veracity, reliability, or comprehensiveness of the content or services of the third-party platforms linked from our site. We also do not attest to the safety, legitimacy, or other facets of these external platforms.
  5. User Vigilance: We strongly advise users to exercise caution and undertake their own due diligence or seek expert counsel before making decisions influenced by the content or services on any third-party platform linked from Casinobonus.ws.
  6. Revision Clause: Casinobonus.ws reserves the unilateral right to modify or refresh this Affiliate Disclosure as and when deemed necessary, without any obligation to notify users in advance. It remains the responsibility of users to revisit this disclosure periodically to stay abreast of any alterations.

By navigating and utilizing Casinobonus.ws, users signify their understanding and agreement to this Affiliate Disclosure in its full scope. Should you find any aspect of this disclosure disagreeable, you must refrain from further use of Casinobonus.ws.