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Last Updated on 3 September 2023

Blast Off to Galactic Wins with Space Wars 2

Prepare for an interstellar adventure like no other in “Space Wars 2,” a sequel that takes players on a cosmic journey filled with alien battles and thrilling rewards. With enhanced graphics, engaging gameplay, and a universe of possibilities, this slot game promises an unforgettable voyage through the cosmos.

Game Overview

“Space Wars 2” is a cutting-edge video slot with a 5×4 reel grid and 40 paylines, providing even more opportunities for winning combinations. The game immerses players in a captivating sci-fi world, where colorful alien creatures are engaged in epic battles.

Graphics and Design

This sequel raises the bar with its exceptional graphics and design. The visuals are nothing short of stunning, showcasing intricate alien characters and vibrant cosmic backgrounds. The attention to detail creates a captivating atmosphere that draws players into this galactic narrative.

Gameplay and Features


In the cosmic realm of this slot, Powerpoints™ serve as your rocket fuel for an interstellar adventure. Achieving match wins in both the main game and Free Spins grants you Powerpoints™, with the amount determined by the paytable. These valuable Powerpoints™ are accumulated in the collect meter, propelling you through levels and boosting your win multiplier. Your payouts are calculated by multiplying your bet with the win multiplier.

FREE SPINS: Conquer the Cosmos

To establish your supremacy in intergalactic space, Free Spins are your ticket. Gather 1000 or more Powerpoints™, and the cosmos opens up to you with Free Spins. The quantity of Free Spins is contingent on the Powerpoints™ awarded in the main game. As you enter the bonus rounds, the number of rows expands to 8, and the potential for astronomical wins continues to grow. Plus, additional Free Spins can be won within the bonus rounds.

AVALANCHE™: Symbolic Cascades

In this slot, there’s no spinning of reels; instead, symbols gracefully descend into position. Each match win triggers an Avalanche, causing symbols in winning combinations to vanish. This opens up the possibility for another Avalanche of symbols, amplifying your chances of cosmic rewards.

COLUMN OR ROW BLASTER: Annihilate the Obstacles

When you’re faced with cosmic obstacles, the Column and Row Blasters come to your aid. Achieving a 4-symbol horizontal match, both in the main game and Free Spins, earns you a Column Blaster symbol. This powerful symbol eradicates all symbols on its reel, sparing only Wilds and feature symbols while generously adding Powerpoints™ to your meter.

The Row Blaster, working in a similar vein, is awarded with a 4-symbol vertical match in both the main game and Free Spins. When triggered, it obliterates all symbols on its row, leaving only Wilds and feature symbols while showering your meter with an abundance of Powerpoints™.

With these potent tools at your disposal, your interstellar journey promises not only cosmic riches but also an adrenaline-charged adventure through the cosmos.

ZAPPER: Vanish with a Zap

Prepare for the unexpected as you witness the magic of the Zapper in action. Achieving a 5-symbol or 6-symbol match in the main game grants you the coveted Zapper symbol. Zappers work their magic by removing specific symbol types from the reels, creating astonishing opportunities:

  • With a 5-symbol match, say goodbye to 1 to 4 types of high/medium/low symbols as they vanish from the reels.
  • Elevate your game with a 6-symbol match, and watch as 3 to 4 types of high/medium/low symbols mysteriously disappear.

In Free Spins, the Zapper takes on new dimensions. A 5-symbol, 6-symbol, 7-symbol, or 8-symbol match awards a Zapper symbol, igniting the Zapper feature. Witness symbols vanishing from the reels according to the game rules, leaving you with a cosmos of potential.

BOMB: Explosive Rewards Await

Get ready for an explosive twist with the Bomb feature. Vertical and horizontal matches (of the same symbol) in both the main game and Free Spins create winning clusters that trigger the Bomb symbol. After your wins are tallied and cleared, the Bomb symbol detonates into action.

In the Bomb feature, watch as symbols surrounding the Bomb (excluding Wilds and feature symbols) are obliterated from the reels, along with the Bomb itself. This explosion adds a corresponding number of Powerpoints™ to your ever-growing collect meter.

The precise number of symbols eradicated hinges on the Bomb symbol’s strategic placement on the reels. And if the Bomb feature happens to intersect with a Multiplier Wild symbol, brace yourself for multiplied Powerpoints™ of epic proportions.


Experience the thrill of Wild symbols that emerge with a 3-symbol match, seamlessly filling the void left by the removed symbols, both in the main game and Free Spins. But in the cosmic realm of Free Spins, something even more extraordinary awaits – the Multiplier Wild symbols.

These Multiplier Wilds boast random values of x2, x3, x4, x5, x10, or x25. When a Multiplier Wild becomes part of a winning match, its power comes into play, multiplying the Powerpoints™ awarded for the match by its assigned value. Get ready to harness the limitless potential of Wilds and Multiplier Wilds in your quest for cosmic rewards!

COMBO 1: Column/Row Blaster + Bomb – Cosmic Annihilation

The cosmic stage is set for a spectacular show when fate aligns a Blaster symbol (column or row) and a Bomb symbol, situated either horizontally or vertically adjacent. Brace yourself for the awe-inspiring Combo 1 feature!

  • If the Column Blaster symbol takes its place, symbols vanish not only from its column but also from the two adjacent reels (right and left).
  • Should the Row Blaster symbol grace the reels, symbols depart from the row housing the generated Row Blaster symbol. Two rows adjacent to it, one above and one below, follow suit. As they depart, the Row Blaster symbol triggers a symphony of Powerpoints™ pouring into your collect meter.

COMBO 2: Zapper + Bomb – Electrifying Transformation

Prepare for electrifying transformations as the Zapper symbol and Bomb symbol align horizontally or vertically, sparking the Combo 2 feature. In this thrilling twist, 1 to 3 high/medium/low award symbols morph into Bomb symbols, standing alongside the Zapper symbol. Then, behold the cosmic Ka-Boom as the Bomb symbols detonate, reshaping your destiny.

COMBO 3: Zapper + Column/Row Blaster – Cosmic Metamorphosis

When cosmic forces unite the Zapper symbol and a Blaster symbol (column or row), and they align harmoniously either horizontally or vertically, Combo 3 springs into action. In this cosmic metamorphosis, 1 to 3 high/medium/low award symbols across the reels undergo a radical transformation. Witness as they turn into Blaster symbols, amplifying your cosmic potential.

BUY FEATURE: Warp Speed to Free Spins

For those who prefer to skip the wait and dive straight into the action, the Buy Feature offers a shortcut to Free Spins. Obtain 8, 12, or 16 Free Spins at the cost of 75, 140, or 250 times your bet, respectively. It’s the ultimate cosmic leap into an interstellar adventure!

Volatility and RTP

“Space Wars 2” offers a medium volatility experience, making it suitable for players seeking both frequent wins and the possibility of substantial payouts. The Return to Player (RTP) rate is approximately 96.22%, offering favorable odds for players exploring the cosmos.

Space Wars 2 Free Spins and Bonuses

Visit our dedicated casino bonuses list, where players have the privilege to pick from a curated array of Space Wars bonuses and captivating casino deals brought to you by our handpicked casino partners.

Final Verdict

“Space Wars 2” is a sequel that takes the original game’s concept to new heights. With its captivating graphics, engaging gameplay, and innovative features, it’s a journey into space that’s hard to resist. The Free Spins feature with its expanded reels and the Cloning Pod Respin feature add depth and excitement to every spin.

This slot game successfully blends a captivating narrative with exciting gameplay, making it a must-try for both sci-fi enthusiasts and slot aficionados. So, gear up, launch into the cosmos, and embark on a cosmic adventure where otherworldly wins await!

Space Wars 2 Slot FAQ – Embark on an Interstellar Adventure!

Prepare for an out-of-this-world experience as we journey through the cosmos in Space Wars 2. This slot game, a sequel to the popular original, brings new features and excitement. Get ready for an adventure filled with alien battles, wild symbols, and cosmic wins.

1. What is Space Wars 2 Slot?

Space Wars 2 Slot is a thrilling online video slot game that transports players to the depths of the galaxy. Developed by a cutting-edge game provider, it’s all about interstellar warfare and big wins.

2. What makes Space Wars 2 Slot different from the original game?

Space Wars 2 builds on the success of the original game with enhanced graphics, animations, and a set of fresh features. Players can expect an upgraded gaming experience that takes the intergalactic battle to a whole new level.

3. What are the main features of Space Wars 2 Slot?

Space Wars 2 offers a range of exciting features, including the Alien Cloning feature, Wild symbols, and a captivating Free Spins bonus round.

4. How does the Alien Cloning feature work?

The Alien Cloning feature is a unique twist. When you hit a winning combination, the winning symbols are cloned, creating additional chances for wins. The cloned symbols are then collected and used to trigger a respin, potentially leading to even bigger payouts.

5. Can I play Space Wars 2 Slot on mobile devices?

Absolutely! Space Wars 2 Slot is designed to be fully compatible with mobile devices, ensuring you can embark on your interstellar adventure wherever you are.

6. What is the RTP (Return to Player) of Space Wars 2 Slot?

The RTP of Space Wars 2 Slot is approximately 96.20%, offering favorable odds for players looking to conquer the cosmos.

7. Is Space Wars 2 Slot a high-volatility game?

Space Wars 2 Slot is categorized as a medium to high volatility game. This means you can anticipate a mix of frequent wins and the potential for substantial payouts.

8. How do I activate the Free Spins feature in Space Wars 2 Slot?

To trigger the Free Spins feature, you need to land three or more Scatter symbols on the reels. Once activated, the Free Spins bonus round launches, and you can engage in epic battles with the alien forces while enjoying additional chances to win.

9. Can I play Space Wars 2 Slot for free?

Many online casinos offer a demo or free play version of Space Wars 2 Slot, allowing you to explore the cosmic action without wagering real money.

10. Where can I play Space Wars 2 Slot?

Space Wars 2 Slot can be found at various online casinos that feature games from the developer. Be sure to select a reputable casino with proper licensing for a secure and thrilling gaming experience.

Prepare for a cosmic showdown and join the intergalactic battle in Space Wars 2 Slot, where big wins await in the vastness of space!

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“Space Wars 2” propels players into a cosmic battleground with its enhanced graphics, engaging gameplay, and a universe teeming with possibilities. With a 4.3-star rating, this sequel delivers an interstellar adventure that’s truly out of this world.

The game’s graphics and design are nothing short of stunning, immersing players in a captivating sci-fi realm filled with intricate alien characters and vibrant cosmic landscapes.

Gameplay is both entertaining and rewarding, with wild symbols, Free Spins that expand the reels, and the exciting Cloning Pod Respin feature, which can lead to epic wins.

With medium volatility and an RTP of approximately 96.22%, “Space Wars 2” strikes a balance between frequent wins and the potential for significant payouts, providing favorable odds for cosmic explorers.

For those seeking a thrilling journey through the cosmos and the chance to claim otherworldly wins, “Space Wars 2” is an adventure worth embarking on. So, blast off into the unknown, and may your intergalactic spins lead to astronomical rewards!

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