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The best and worst of customer service experiences

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Share your the best and worst of customer service experiences.
Here are my:

Worst experience was with a now-defunct casino. Endless KYC document requests and they never paid out my winnings. Lost about $100 before they stopped responding to emails and vanished. A real lesson in caution! 💸🚫

Had a great experience with CoolCat Casino recently. Surprisingly fast payout! Requested my winnings and got them quicker than expected. Kudos to CoolCat for their efficiency! 👍

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Worst customer service experience was definitely at Betsson. They promised to look into my issue but ultimately stopped replying. Even after escalating, the same happened at the manager level. Worst of the worsts. Avoid at all costs and stay away. 👎

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I had an unbelievable experience with Vegas Red Casino, which, thankfully, doesn't exist anymore. It started when I tried to withdraw my winnings. Not only did the process take weeks, but every time I contacted customer service, I received a different and contradictory response. The first agent promised a 48-hour resolution, but that was just the beginning of a series of unfulfilled promises.

The most absurd part was when one representative accused me of violating terms I had never agreed to, and another claimed they couldn't verify my account despite having already done so months before. The communication was not just poor; it was nonsensical.

Finally, after endless back-and-forth, they simply stopped responding. No explanation, no contact. Then, out of nowhere, the casino vanished from the web.

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My worst customer service experience was not at an online casino but at Casino Helsinki. They literally threw me out of the casino, refused to provide security camera footage, and I even called the police, but they, of course, refused to even initially investigate the incident. Why did that happen? I was speaking a bit too loud, they said... Fuck Casino Helsinki, never waste your time and money there, go and play at online casinos or fly to Vegas!