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Earthbound tournament win the $500 first prize

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Step into the realm of adventure with the Earthbound Tournament, featuring the captivating five-reel slot, Book of Earth. Seize the opportunity to be part of a thrilling quest for a share of $1,000 in prizes. The tournament beckons from February 4th to February 17th, offering you the chance to emerge victorious with the $500 first prize.

Tournament Details:

  • Name: Earthbound
  • Game: Book of the Earth
  • Entry Fee: $4 Buy-in for your initial stake in this enthralling journey.
  • Rebuy Option: $5 to reclaim your position and continue your quest for glory.

Mark your calendars for this exhilarating event. Embrace the challenge, spin the reels of Book of Earth, and let your tournament story unfold. Will you ascend to claim the top prize in the Earthbound Tournament? The adventure awaits.


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